24th July 2012


Blogs I actually use…

So, in case you can’t tell, I don’t actually really use this (so-called “main”) blog. Actually, pretty much all of the stuff that ends up here is stuff that I meant to post on a different blog but forgot to use the drop down box at the the time to do so.

Here are the ones I do use:

1.) I have a blog over here that I started off as a recover blog but recovery hasn’t meant much for me as far as being able to keep to a topic… so there’s also a bit of personal stuff, some political stuff, some queer stuff… I use that blog in a similar manner to the way I used to use- there’s some stuff I prefer over other stuff but really, I’m not the pick sort.

2.) I have another blog over here that is about two things I desire as a queer veg person- food and sex, particularly of the veg and queer varieties. Note: If you happen to look at the submission guidelines know that they need some serious editing that I’m not up for at the moment. Go ahead and submit anyway if you have something that you want to submit. I’ll be respectful, I won’t edit without your consent, and the worst case scenario is I’ll thank you and not publish it- though chances are I will if it fits with the theme (and doesn’t promote oppression). Be advised that for several reasons I seldom TW (except for very graphic stuff). However, while there will be some queer politics and food politics stuff, it’ll be mostly be light and delicious with some occasional food for thought.

3.) I’ll probably be posting another blog soon about Burning Man including biking to get there, the art/theme camps/installations, my experiences there (in the sometimes complimentary, sometimes conflicting roles of participant/staff, as a trans queer mayan in a cis white het domainated space with a principal of inclusion/ as a sober person in a space infamous for drug use, etc), etc. It’s going to be authentic- it’s probably not going to be a blog that sings the praises of the event nor is it probably going to be one that outright trashes it. I’m also hoping to do some interviews with folks who aren’t Burners but who the event still has an effect on. I’m hoping to make it a multimedia thing. I’ll post the link here and on blog #1 once it’s up and going.

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